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Auto Accident Pain Sufferers Find Relief With New York Chiropractor

Your injuries that result from being a car accident victim can range from muscular tension to something as painful as whiplash. The aftermath may include psychological repercussions that make it difficult to decide what to do. Many find answers in one of the chiropractor offices Manhattan NY has available.

Make an appointment to find out what care will be most beneficial for you. Many accident victims discover they have a lower back or whiplash injury. In many cases tension reducing massage will ease muscular pain caused by the crash.

Your first appointment will be spent discussing your condition. You will be asked where the pain is on your body, if it is constant and how severe it seems. Your spine will be examined and you might need an x-ray. Following the exam a plan for care can be recommended.

Whiplash injury to the neck is quite common, especially in rear-end collisions. The head is snapped forward and back rapidly. This is similar to the damage babies suffer from in a case of shaken baby syndrome. Even at a low speed, it is possible for your neck to be too stiff to turn from side to side without pain.

Lower back pain, like whiplash occurs because the spinal vertebrae are subluxated, meaning they are misaligned. This causes pressure against the nerve roots in the spinal cord. Pain ranges from serious to unbearable. A series of manual adjustments are the usual recommendation to return them to their normal placement.

Whiplash is a unique condition because it may not become evident for hours or even days after the accident. For that reason, it is important to have your spine evaluated as soon as you can. You may be concerned about your car. However, your physical wellness should be your primary concern. Whether you have subluxated vertebrae or strained muscles, it is good to know if you need chiropractic care and, if so, to begin the process relatively quickly.

Chiropractic care helps relieve ankle and toe pain naturally and effectively. Click here for more info about chiropractor offices Manhattan NY area at right now.

Manhattan Chiropractic Office, Axon Health Associates, Offers Pain Relief For Car Accident Victims

Axon Health Associates offers therapeutic methods which help victims of car accidents to recover. All methods are natural and free of pharmaceuticals.

PRESS RELEASE: New York City, NY, 28-JANUARY-2016 – Axon Health Associates is pleased to announce that chiropractic assistance is important for those who have been the victim of an automobile accident. A consultation with the chiropractors as soon as possible following the accident is likely to prevent some of the pain buildup that occurs if no action is taken. The chiropractor offices Manhattan NY professionals are thorough and knowledgeable about defining the areas of injury and designing a program of therapy.

A victim of a car accident can have many painful areas. The injuries might be to alignment of the spine and may also be to soft tissues and nerves. When the methods are natural and non-invasive, they are able to help the body recover more quickly through self-healing processes. Chiropractic methods help to remove blockages which interfere with healing.

Spinal adjustments are a critical therapy that is required in many car accident injuries. The force of the collision throws the passengers and driver from side to side, as well as back and forth. These forces can cause subluxations in the vertebral column, causing pain in nearby nerve roots and soft tissue. Realignment of the spine allows the soft tissue to heal.

Injuries to soft tissue can result from bumping and bruising, as well as from over-extension of the muscle fibers. This force can even tear the muscles. The chiropractor will use therapies such as massage, heat and cold and electro-therapy to relieve pain and promote circulation. Longer range therapy includes nutritional improvement and a healthier lifestyle.

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