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Lower back pain is reported to be the most common complaint people seek chiropractic care for. The lumbar, which is the lower spine, has only five vertebrae while the thoracic spine has twelve. The remaining seven are in the neck. The thoracic all articulate with the ribs. As may be explained when you visit chiropractor offices Manhattan NY location, the thoracic vertebrae are in the upper and middle back.

Pain in the upper back is not usually attributed to a subluxation or disc herniation. This is because they remain in a stationary position with minimal flexibility. Instead, it may be caused by muscle strain, injury or osteoarthritis.

The hurting in the upper back is felt as a dull or sharp pain, burning pain or muscular stiffness. Your chiropractor will conduct an exam to include a discussion about your health history, palpate the spine, and take an x-ray to detect any fractures.

Your posture may be contributing to the hurt. It is evaluated in a standing and seated position. If working on a computer all day, it may be suggested that you stand and walk a few steps every hour.