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Understanding Sciatica With a Chiropractor in Manhattan NY

The Types and Benefits of Diagnostic Testing from a Manhattan NY Chiropractor

If you are considering chiropractic services and reside in Manhattan or its surrounding areas, you may have considered visiting a Manhattan NY chiropractic office. If you are already a chiropractic patient, you know that many times traditional medicine practitioners are more likely to prescribe medications to eliminate your pain without investigating the cause of it.

The difference with how a chiropractic doctor practices versus a traditional medical doctor is that the chiropractor first examines the reason for your pain issues and sets in motion a health care plan that is most likely to eliminate your discomfort.

The focus of diagnostic testing through a licensed and skilled chiropractor is not invasive. All testing done through an esteemed chiropractic associate is comfortable and pain-free, unlike many tests done in a traditional manner by the medical doctor.

Some of the various types of chiropractic testing performed in Manhattan NY chiropractic offices are designed to check your range of motion, palpitations of the affected area, orthopedic testing, neurological exams and more.

The most common methods for discovering your issues are through palpitations of a painful joint. Once a chiropractic doctor identifies the area of concern, the chiropractor can proceed with manipulation of the joint in question. The chiropractor may also use other options such as stretching, exercise, primary spine manipulation and care. Additionally, he or she may offer tips for improved posture and soft tissue therapies.

The benefits of these types of tests before applying a health care plan is essential so that your plan of care proves successful in eliminating your pain. This testing comes in the form of CT scans, EMG studies, computerized tomography scans, X-rays, MRIs, spinal and postural screenings. Without doing the appropriate testing, your chiropractic doctor cannot confirm the disease process and put the proper care plan in place to eliminate the issue causing your pain and discomfort.

Once the chiropractic doctor at a Manhattan NY chiropractic office can identify your root problem, the appropriate non-invasive method can be implemented. As your healing progresses, the chiropractor may rely once again on specific testing to address positive outcomes.

Find Out How Physical Therapy Helps Manage Pain from a Manhattan Chiropractor

A chiropractor helps to restore stability and function to your spine by realigning vertebrae by the use of spinal manipulation. By this method, neck pain, back pain, headaches, etc. can be relieved. A physical therapist evaluates and helps to restore and maintain maximum function and movement for their patients. They evaluate range of motion, flexibility, posture, balance, coordination, body mechanics, general mobility and endurance such as stair climbing, getting into or out of beds or chairs, and walking. Many benefits can be accrued by visiting one of Manhattan NY chiropractic offices, where the services of a physical therapist and a chiropractor can be combined.

A physical therapist can develop a program that is individualized to help relieve pain and restore function. They can work with soft tissue and joint injuries such as dislocation and fractures, orthopedic conditions like osteoporosis and low back pain, neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease and stroke, and workplace injuries including sports injuries and repetitive stress disorders. They can educate patients concerning what might have caused their problem, give patients a few manual “hands on” techniques, and provide exercise instructions that patients can use at home to improve function.

At Manhattan NY chiropractic offices, chiropractors and physical therapists work together to help patients with shoulder issues, knee and ankle problems, plus orthopedic and sports injuries. They can also help patients who have had rotator cuff repairs, joint replacements, and low back and neck pain. A physical therapist has experience with vestibular and balance therapy, which may benefit patients who have suffered a fall because of dizziness or some other reason.

A chiropractor can perform grade 1 through 5 chiropractic adjustments, which can range from joint adjustment to soft tissue mobilization, acupuncture, pain management, and electrical stimulation. A physical therapist can employ many manual therapy techniques such as joint manipulation, neurologic rehabilitation, gait training, sports performance, wound care, muscle coordination, tissue mobilization, etc.

A chiropractor is the only practitioner qualified to do chiropractic adjustments. A physical therapist is the only medical practitioner trained to give patients physical therapy.