How Athletes Recover from Sports Injury Pain with Manhattan Chiropractor

Manhattan NY Chiropractic Offices help athletes recover from sports-related injuries. With years of extensive industry experience, local physicians have the tools to remedy all forms of pain. This includes sudden jerks of the neck, along with wrenched backs and pulled muscles. They also tackle joint pain, ligament tears, spinal compression and so much more.

Athletes are no stranger to sports related injuries or sprains. In fact, they lead the numbers in terms of people suffering from plantar fasciitis. While this is mainly taken care of by podiatrists, chiropractors can also offer timely solutions for foot-related pain. All it takes is a simple phone call to schedule an appointment and get the help you need.

Sports injury pain tends to vary in athletes. While some experience chronic or recurring pain, others have to deal with shooting or sporadic pains. Most injuries are the result of impact related accidents – especially when it comes to football. However, any athlete in any sport is susceptible to slips, falls, and even twisted or sprained ankles. As part of your examination, doctors will perform full body tests to check for swelling and nerve pain.

They also perform scans that help pinpoint all areas in distress, along with any pre-existing conditions or underlying pain. This enables doctors to create plans that secure immediate solace and relief, along with long-term care to heal pain and restore mobility.

Depending on the severity of the injuries, athletes may need to wear braces. No truer is this than with whiplash or neck related injuries. While traditional pain relievers will be given, therapeutic massages and weekly rehab sessions help restore proper functionality and normalcy. With weekly exercises, athletes can slow but surely restore mobility, while increasing blood flow to previously affected areas. This helps combat any lingering body pain, while making athletes stronger and increasing vital energy.

Discover the Benefits of Massage Therapy with Manhattan Chiropractic Office

Chiropractic offers a natural approach to pain relief and optimal health. Massage therapy is an important component of chiropractic care, alleviating musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. Massage therapy encourages recovery by improving circulation, reducing swelling, relaxing muscles, relieving spasms and pain, and enhancing range of motion. Manhattan NY chiropractic offices provide several types of this therapeutic technique, depending on the patient’s condition or injury.

Deep tissue massage uses friction and slower strokes targeting deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. While it relieves tightness and strain, this type of massage may cause soreness for a day or two afterward.

Shiatsu, a form of Japanese massage, activates acupuncture pressure points using finger pressure. It improves energy flow throughout, helping the body to regain balance.

Reflexology focuses on the feet, using pressure to manage conditions affecting organs and body systems linked to the feet.
Swedish massage is the most common type used in the US. The technique involves kneading muscles in circular motions or long strokes. Pressure can range from light and relaxing to deep and therapeutic.

For people who engage in regular physical activity, Manhattan NY chiropractic offices employ sports massage to promote recovery and prevent injuries in the first place. It targets muscles associated with a particular sport or activity.

At their initial visit, patients undergo thorough testing to determine the underlying cause of their health concerns. This usually includes taking digital images (MRIs, CT scans, or X-rays) of affected areas and conducting spinal/postural screenings. Patients may also undergo EMG/NCV (electromyography) studies to measure electrical activity throughout the body and evaluate how well nerves and muscles are functioning. Testing is also conducted at each phase of therapy to monitor progress.

After considering the results of the exam, the practitioner decides on a course of action to promote healing. Massage is frequently incorporated to accelerate recovery.

Massage therapy is helpful in alleviating a variety of conditions, including soft tissue injuries, headaches, fibromyalgia, anxiety, and stress-induced insomnia. Manhattan NY chiropractic offices provide massage therapy to enhance patients’ health without drugs or invasive procedures.

Manhattan Chiropractic Office, Axon Health Associates, Offers Acupuncture Solutions

Alternative Pain Management Solutions via Acupressure

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New York, NY – February 13, 2017 – Axon Health Associates offers acupuncture solutions for new and existing patients. As an ancient form of pain and tension relief, acupuncture utilizes medicinal needles that are strategically placed on the body. This helps alleviate nerve spasms and distress, while restoring optimal mobility and normalcy. This alternative mode of pain remediation is also helpful for back problems, spinal compression, and practically any sort of bodily discomfort. Whether dealing with chronic or sporadic pain –due to obesity or injuries – the clinic is committed to excellence in helping all patients live pain-free lives. With acupressure services available at four convenient Manhattan NY chiropractic offices, Axon continues to receive stellar industry ratings and patient reviews.

Axon Health Associates is synonymous with dedicated physicians and nurses. They also feature state of the art medical facilities, along with innovative and cutting-edge pain relief services. For patients that have exhausted all traditional efforts, acupuncture may be exactly what they are looking for. From spinal alignment and upper cervical issues to back sprains, this ancient technique has and continues to help countless patients secure timely and lasting pain relief. With industry-leading doctors, therapists, and pain management professionals – Axon has truly mastered the art of acupressure as a viable form of pain relief. The clinic staff also goes above and beyond to meet all patient needs within time and budget.

For patients dealing with chronic or recurring back pain, now is the right time to contact Axon and get the professional help and services they need. The clinic is not only reputable but also stays abreast of all the latest chiropractic developments and trends. This enables them to offer real time solutions for all types of pain and tension.

For more information on acupuncture solutions, please contact or visit:
Axon facilities conveniently located at:

120 East 42nd Street, 5th Floor
61 Broadway, Suite 900
100 William Street, Suite 1215
45 West 34th Street, Suite 903


How a Manhattan Chiropractic Office Helps Work Injury Sufferers with Relief

Manhattan NY Chiropractic Offices provides various types of care that are beneficial for work injury related sufferers. The number one cause of lost work time in the US today is lower back pain and musculoskeletal pain. Chiropractors can be very effective in reducing or eliminating neck pain, lower back pain, and even sciatica.

A number of studies have demonstrated that chiropractic patients miss work because of disability half as much as workers not receiving chiropractic care. Patients of chiropractic doctors also miss fewer work days than nonusers.

Patients of Manhattan NY Chiropractic Offices know that receiving natural chiropractic care is much preferable than utilizing expensive over-the-counter or prescription drugs for their pain. Chiropractors are qualified to address many distinct classes of work injuries, including simple sprains and strains, slipped or herniated discs, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other kinds of repetitive injuries. By using regular adjustments, chiropractic doctors can improve joint and spinal function, which frequently results in a more active, healthier lifestyle.

Manhattan NY Chiropractic Offices know that 3 million plus Americans injure themselves at work each year. Some injuries are caused by a single traumatic accident, while others might be caused by repetitive motions (typing, for example) or overexertion. Studies show that chiropractic care is a very effective way to relieve neck and back pain caused by construction and industrial workers exerting too much strain on spines every day.

Chiropractors can relieve workers that have repetitive stress injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome brought on by long hours spent working on the assembly line or in front of a computer screen. They know how to ease median nerve pressure that runs through a patient’s forearm and wrist.

Patients may also suffer from headaches after experiencing a work injury. Headaches may result from muscle tension, stress, poor posture, or exertion. An irritation in the cervical spine may also cause headaches. Chiropractors have experience reducing the severity and frequency of migraine headaches as well. People with work injuries such as tendonitis, bursitis, rotator cuff injuries, or tingling and numbness in the arms and legs should contact Manhattan NY Chiropractic Offices.